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New Services


Conductivity Testing is a way for TVTS Inc to find buried utilities with ease by following the installed tracer wire .

We will be able to  confirm that tracers wires are installed correctly and completely for our clients. 

Our Digicat 550 i Locater will  receive electromagnetic signals which radiate from the tracer wires.

Let us be your 3rd Party Testing of Conductivity on your sewer and water-main installations.


The Re-rounder utilizes a high frequency vibrator that helps with the reshaping of the pipe and consolidation

of the material around the pipe.

Re-rounders have a very narrow re-rounding edge and the directional force of the vibrator helps drive

the re rounder through the pipe.  

The repair work won’t disrupt the surface area, and no digging results is the safest and most cost effective method available for our Clients


 This newly added service allows our crews to fill their large flusher tanks on onsite and not have to leave to fill at a water depot. Our TVTS Crews Productivity is increased as the water is accessible to our Flushers and saving our crews more time to keep on working on site and not missing a beat.

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