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New Services

Laser Deflection Testing

Tunnel Vision Trenchless Services is proud to be one of the few companies in Southwestern Ontario offering this service. Deflection Testing Service will allow our crews to analyze and understand the ovality, erosion, and corrosion, determining remaining pipe life and other anomalies of our clients' pipes and pipelines with the laser attachment. The State of the Art Laser Profiling System can do lines up to 6-27" in diameter and can capture the most accurate geometric details from the pipe walls. Our Crews are trained and qualified to give our clients the most detailed results needed for their underground infrastructure projects. This newly added service gives our clients more accuracy and a better understanding of their pipes, and pipelines.



Air-Testing / Segmenting

Air-testing is required as part of some municipal projects as a method to identify possible problems with leakage. Our Tunnel Vision Air-testing method involves the plugging of each end of the pipe so that the pipe can be pressure monitored. When conducting the test, if a failure is experienced, we can implement a segmenting process, or do a CCTV video inspection. These services will help narrow down to the exact location of the test findings.​ ​ At Tunnel Vision , our team members are trained and qualified to provide the most accurate test results and will provide a completed report for our clients to advise them of the test findings.



CCTV Inspections / Reports

CCTV ( Closed Circuit Television) inspection is the most affordable way to detect problems in the underground network and evaluation of the performance and longevity of sewer and stormwater pipelines. At Tunnel Vision, our NASSCO and PACP Certified team members will monitor the process with their state of the art equipment and cameras as they travel through the network of underground utility pipes. The camera work that is done, will detect suspected problems, fulfill specified contractual requirements, give visual confirmation of the pipework conditions, or confirm any repairs that have been made. When completed, a detailed video report is given to our clients which is downloaded on a DVD or USB so that it can be viewed for future use. A printed report can also be printed for review if and when needed.



Combo Flusher/Vacuum Truck Service

TVTS’s fleet of combo flusher trucks provide the cleaning of the underground pipelines whether they are just in need or as preparation for the CCTV camera work. ​ With our state of the art technology and equipment ,we are able to provide high pressure cleaning and vacuuming of wastewater collection systems, storm water drainage systems, lift stations, manholes or catch basins. ​ Productivity is increased with our Tunnel Vision combo flusher trucks as they feature larger debris and water tanks. This means less time filling and dumping and more time spent cleaning the sewers, pipelines etc.



Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation (day lighting) eliminates the risk of underground utility damage, has less environmental impact, and provides a safer work area than traditional excavation. ​ Our Tunnel Vision vacuum excavators use high pressure water to cut through and break up the soil which is then sucked up out of the area to a self-contained debris tank. This allows for a non destructive and more accurate way to locate and excavate around underground utilities. ​ The services Tunnel Vision can provide are: pot-holing/daylighting, debris removal, exposing utilities, piling hole excavation, cold weather or remote digging.

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Lateral Launching

Our TVTS Team members also do Lateral Launch inspections for the sewer laterals. The process involves launching a camera into the lateral lines from the mainline transport unit. The lateral lines are inspected by video images as is done in the mainline. ​ Trained and qualified, each team member is able to identify the infiltration and inflow . Results will reveal accumulation of debris, pipe defects, roots, or the overall structural condition of lateral sewer lines. ​ A very important feature of lateral launching is that it ensures all connections have been located and examined. Multiple laterals can often be efficiently launched from the mainline which improves production and reduces disruption to the public. ​ Other benefits include improved public safety and the avoidance of issues regarding private right-of- entry, and it is also less intrusive than other above ground methods.



Mandrel Testing

Also known as “deflection testing” this testing is very important with the installation of PVC pipelines ​ Mandrel Testing will determine the ovality of flexible sewer pipe, it will confirm that specifications are met, and is very important in the diagnostics of the long term performance of the PVC sewer lines ​ Before the testing can be done, the pipelines or sewer lines need to be flushed and cleaned. If there is any debris or sediment in the lines, it may interfere with the passing of the Mandrel/Deflection testing devices, and may falsely indicate a problem. Mandrel testing is used to determine the deflection of the sewer pipes ensuring they meet all of the OPS specifications.

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NEW Services

Conductivity Testing

Conductivity Testing is a way for TVTS Inc to find buried utilities with ease by following the installed tracer wire underground. With the Latest technology, Our Qualified Crews are able to apply an active trace signal that ensures and confirms that tracer wires installed correctly and completed for our clients. Let us be your 3rd Party Testing of Conductivity on your sewer and water-main installations.


NEW Services

Repair of Pipes

We specialize in repairing your service pipes. Whether you are looking for spot repairs, patching, or liner repairs, all options are available upon request. Contact us for more information.


New Services

Water Truck Services

This newly added service allows our crews to fill their large flusher tanks on onsite and not have to leave to fill at a water depot. Our TVTS Crews Productivity is increased as the water is accessible to our Flushers and saving our crews more time to keep on working on site and not missing a beat.

Credit App

Credit Application

Please download this form to submit a credit application and one of our team members will get in touch with you. Please email the completed form to

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